quote Hello I’m a mommy of a beautiful 1 year old and I have been doing research on holistic pediatrician and I have bought your cough medicine a week ago and Oh My Gosh that worked miracles. Within hours my son stopped coughing and had a great night sleep. Mind you, he had a cough issue for 3 weeks before I tried your medicine. Thank you. It was a bit expensive but it was worth it. So I checked out your website and I see that you actually check people out. I wanted to know how do I go in about having an appointment with you for my son? I live in north Lauderdale Florida if you can’t help me out I wanted to ask you by any chance do you know any good pediatrician like you around my area? close-quote


quote I have been using your product for years, I have turned so many moms on to it. It’s amazing! My daughter has not been on antibiotics in 3+ years (we also do Chinese medicine). close-quote


quote My son Christopher is doing awesome overall. He did excellent in Disney World last weekend. He sat in restaurants calmly and ate items from the menu (instead of me bringing food I know he would eat as in the past), waited in lines for rides, and really seemed to enjoy the whole experience. All the stimulation didn't seem to be a problem for him. This is an astonishing change, and words cannot express how!

I am happy to see the changes that have taken place in Christopher. I am very grateful for the help we have gotten from you, and deeply grateful that God is answering our prayers. close-quote

Lake Worth, Florida

quote I tried the other brands that are cheaper and supposed to be the same, but don't get the same results. close-quote

Miami Springs

quote I have noticed that my daughter is resting much, much better between feedings. The feedings are still fussy but, I'm just happy that she is able to sleep well. Whenever I give her the formula a little while later she falls into a restful sleep. Honestly, every one of your formulas that we have used (previously I've used them with my older son) have really helped...so THANK YOU!! You are a genius!

By the way, I was talking with several people at church (I live in Miami Springs) and 3 different moms there had heard of you and had heard you were great. I wanted to let you know how famous you are down here! close-quote


quote For many weeks I have been thinking about a way to let you know how much we appreciate you. You have helped our entire family realize how important diet and vitamins are for maintaining our health.  Words cannot express our deep appreciation for your timely advice and wisdom.

First, I will start with Bob. After being on the BP Plus for ten days, he is a different person. I feel I now have the same man I married 19 years ago.  He has become so much calmer and handles small problems with less anxiety. This combined with the Thymus, Cayenne pepper and Natures tea, is the natural way to help high blood pressure.

I guess I need to let you know how I have been doing. Once I started drinking the Ultra Clear I was amazed by how much energy I had! Following the diet has not been easy. However, I feel like I am twenty, instead of forty!  I have also lost some weight, which I needed to do. I also feel much calmer, following this diet. Truly the answer to our health problems, lies within. What we consume affects how we feel and behave.

And lastly, my children, thank you! They find it very hard to follow a set diet. However, I try to encourage them to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. I really appreciate your expertise in diagnosing and advising me on their health and well-being.

Thank you for being so understanding and considerate of our entire family. You have the ministry of healing and we are truly grateful. close-quote


quote I wanted to thank you for prescribing your eardrops for my son Matthew. He is 5-1/2 and has had fluid in his ear for over a year and it had been affecting his hearing. He was not experiencing any pain or fever as he has in the past. He has had tubes put in twice and the second time the left ear tube seemed to fall out soon after his operation. His right ear still has the tube and it seem to be draining properly.

His ENT doctor and the hearing facility at Miami Children's hospital told me that the only way to get the fluid out of his ear was to put in another tube. I was searching for an alternative to this operational procedure and a friend recommended your services. I used the eardrops prescribed for 1 week and a couple of weeks later, my son started telling me that he could hear his ear popping, I knew this was a good thing. His pediatrician saw him recently and his left ear was rid of any fluid behind the eardrum.

I want to thank you for your remedy, my husband and in-laws were skeptical, however, I wanted to try what I could before resorting to a third operation. And I am glad I did. close-quote


quote How I wish I weren't writing this and that by some feat of providence we could have brought you with us to Texas – I don’t know if I’ll ever have the confidence and esteem for another pediatrician that I felt when consulting with you about Frank’s health. Thank you so much for being there when we needed you!

Again thank you for everything! close-quote


quote I came to see you with my newborn daughter, Natascha Victoria. While there, I asked you about making an appointment for my son, Travis, and told you about his asthma. Within one month he was symptom-free thanks to your healing care.

Just to make it short, I am sure you know that you changed his life and thereby my life. I just thought I'd let you know that I think of you often and thank you profusely for helping him with his asthma. Natascha is also doing fine.

I think of you with affection and gratitude and wish every child in the world could come and see you. close-quote

The Brod Family

quote Just a note to let you know how much we respect and appreciate you. As a physician you have had a tremendous impact on our family.

Nineteen years ago, my husband and I came to your office for a consultation. We were impressed that you took the time to listen and answer all our questions. You are the only physician we know in South Florida with outstanding results in alternative wellness. By following your expert guidance our daughters are now healthy well-adjusted adults.

What a pleasure to know a doctor who does not immediately grab a prescription pad, as soon as a prognosis was discovered. As a keen listener, you diagnosed my daughter's medical needs. Then, we followed your advice, using herbs and vitamins, our daughter’s immune systems were strengthened. Thank you for the foundation of alternative ways to enhance their health. We continue looking for ways to enhance a healthy lifestyle.

Your medical advice but most importantly your spiritual guidance during uncertain times is deeply appreciated. In the middle of many a health crisis, we are eternally grateful for your medical expertise. It's always been a comfort to our family knowing you were nearby to give expert alternative medical advice.

As you begin a new chapter in your practice, our prayer is that you will continue to bring blessings and healthy lifestyles to children and their families. Thank you. We are truly blessed! close-quote