Vaccines, A Safer Way

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Dr. Eric Rydland, MD

The process of vaccination is stressful to many of a child’s body systems, which, I believe, has a major role in vaccine reactions. I strongly feel it is crucial to prepare an individual, especially a child, as outlined below for any vaccine that can reasonably be anticipated. If a vaccine has been given without preparation you still can help your child’s body handle the vaccine more efficiently by following these steps subsequent to the vaccine. There is also evidence that enhancement of your child’s immune system at the time of the vaccine may provide better immunity to those diseases contained in that vaccine.

Most important to begin the process is by becoming informed. I believe that there is no other medical procedure in pediatrics that requires more thought and consideration of valid, unbiased, information than that of vaccination. We have separate information to assist you (see article in store news, Dr. Rydland‘s Patient information on Vaccines) in this process, and you can also visit

Once you have made your decision regarding those vaccines that you will be giving there are several important aspects to consider regarding the vaccination process and your child’s health. First, vaccines should only be given when a child is at his or her best health. Second, you should give each vaccine individually whenever possible and available. I feel preparation of your child’s body for each vaccine is extremely important. Finally, consider each vaccine on its merits, your child’s risk factors and age, and/or mandatory requirements (this aspect will not be covered here).

Optimally, before any vaccine is given a child should be completely free from viral and bacterial illness for at least a few days. Whenever possible I recommend he or she be well for one week or more. The reason for this is that the immune system should be as strong as possible before challenging it with a foreign substance to which it must interact by using its immune system to make antibodies, partially diverting the immune system’s resources and energy. Obviously if the immune system has to deal with two stresses at the same time it is more likely to result in either a more severe vaccine reaction or complications to the infection. At times, however, due to frequent illness or mandatory requirements , you may have to give the vaccine during the recovery phase of an illness, choosing the best possible time frame.

If vaccines are given one at a time there is less stress on your child’s immune and detoxification pathways. Inactivated or “dead” vaccines can be given be given every one to three weeks. I currently recommend, however, that the live vaccines: rotavirus, (some) influenza, measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox (varicella), be given at least six, and preferably twelve months apart from each other unless required otherwise and NEVER combined. Again, there are times that we may need to modify these recommendations for individual reasons.


There are several things you may do to help your child’s body to handle any vaccine in a more efficient manner, in addition to careful and judicious use of vaccines. One of these, and in my estimation the most important, is to have him or her take herbal immune support preparations before and after each vaccine. I currently recommend that you use two different herbal products from kidsWellness. (Note: it is not sufficiently effective for a nursing mother to take these herbal preparations to help her infant.)

The first herbal combination is the Immune Formula (or a similar preparation containing appropriate full potency doses of three or more immune strengthening herbs) to strengthen your child’s immune system. This combination is taken three times daily for three to seven days before and after each vaccine. Immune strengthening herbs cannot be taken continuously for more than four weeks in a row without checking with a physician knowledgeable in herbal products.

The second combination is the Detox/Skin Formula (or a similar preparation containing appropriate full potency doses three or more herbs to strengthen liver, intestine and/or kidney function), one dose daily for the first week, then twice daily for the second week. This should be taken for two weeks with each vaccine and may be continued for whatever length of time is necessary.


Antioxidant vitamins, in adequate doses, either can be given to the nursing mother (if she is not also pregnant) or directly to the child (at certain ages) to enhance immune function.

For nursing mothers I would recommend C Ultratabs (Metagenics, three tablets daily in two or three doses and Zinc A.G. (Metagenics) three capsules daily in two or three doses. Both the vitamin C and zinc will cross into your milk and into the baby’s system. Unfortunately, Vitamins A and E are not known to be readily transmitted into mother’s milk.

For children over six months who are not nursing I recommend the following vitamins taken for several days before and after each vaccine (about 10-14 days):

C Ultrasorb (Metagenics), 1/8 teaspoon per 20 pounds body weight daily. Preferably this should be given in two or more daily doses

Vitamin E 200 I.U. per 20 pounds body weight in one or more daily doses

Vitamin A 5,000 I.U. per 20 pounds body weight in one or more daily doses.


A third method of preparing your child’s immune system for vaccines is for him or her to take homeopathic preparations prior to and after each vaccine. Homeopathic preparations are given by mouth and must be taken at least 15 minutes before and after eating or drinking anything except water. This is usually administered about 15 minutes after a meal is finished, and then must be followed by 15 additional minutes without eating or drinking. The preparation I recommend is from Newton Homeopathics, called “Vaccination Relief”. It should be given three times daily for one week before and after each vaccine.

An additionally recommended homeopathic preparation for vaccines is the “nosode” of the vaccine that is to be given in a two dose schedule, the first dose approximately two days before and the second two days after that vaccine. The dose of these homeopathic preparations for children under 12 months old is three drops, 12 months and older is six drops per dose. These are preparations that must be ordered through a health care professional.


Although you certainly can do all of the above, and that is what I would recommend if at all possible, it is often burdensome and complicated. Please remember that vaccines have been associated with several potentially serious reactions and that they should be administered with caution and proper preparation. The above recommendations are all those of which I am aware that are helpful. At a minimum I would recommend the following:

1.      For all babies and children nursing at least four times daily I recommend that the mother take the Vitamin C and zinc as outlined in item 2. above. In addition your child should take the Vaccination Relief homeopathic and kidsWellness Immune Formula and the Detox/Skin Formula for three to seven days before and after each vaccine

2.      For babies and children who are not nursing or nursing less than four times daily I would recommend the kidsWellness Immune Formula and the Detox/Skin Formula three to four times daily, Vitamins C and A, and the Vaccination Relief homeopathic three times daily for three to seven days before and after each vaccine.

3.      For older children you may substitute Echinacea Synergy (Metagenics) or other similar immune enhancing preparation for the Immune Formula and MedCaps DPO (Xymogen) or other similar detoxification product for the Detox/Skin Formula.

I wish you the best in your decision making process and in your journey toward health.

Your Partner in Health,

Eric N. Rydland, M.D.,

Dr. Eric N. Rydland, graduated from the University of Miami undergraduate and School of Medicine in 1974 and 1978 respectively and completed his pediatric training at the University of Miami Affiliated Hospitals in 1981. He is pediatric board certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. During his nearly 30 years of clinical experience Dr. Rydland has researched and studied the holistic field and alternative treatments. Integrating these holistic treatments with traditional medical care based upon the wisdom only God can give, has given thousands of patients optimal health benefits. This has been achieved through work with many published authors in the alternative field, his experience, and devine wisdom. In addition to the kidsWellness products our site features other products he uses in his clinical practice. Dr. Rydland is a frequent guest on radio and television, speaker at medical seminars and public conferences, and a published author. He is the Founder and Developer of kidsWellnessTM Incorporated (October 1999)


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