Milk and Artificial Infant Formulas

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All research points to human or breast mild as being the best for a new baby. There are times when a substitute is necessary, however, for an occasional feeding, during the time when a mother is working away from her baby or for those who are either physically unable or choose not to breastfeed. It is generally agreed that infant formula is the only appropriate substitute for breastfeeding in these circumstances during the first 12 months. I would caution, however, that we have found in our experience a child taking animal (goat or cow) milk or an infant formula under twelve months of age is more likely to develop food sensitivity and/or allergy. Therefore we recommend formulas only when all other efforts have been exhausted and a baby cannot be breastfed at least eight times in 24 hours for the first three to four months or six times daily thereafter.

            Although cow milk can be given to babies as early as six months according to current recommendations, we find too many medical problems caused by cow milk products taken before a child’s first birthday. We also will not recommend any “alternative” milks, such as soy, rice or almond milk to infants as a formula if they are younger than 12 months unless a special situation exists, and then never less than 11 months.

            We have found that goat milk is a reasonable substitute for infant formula after the first month of life. For the first six months goat milk needs to be diluted in the proportion of two parts fresh goat milk to one part water. After six months of age this is no longer necessary. All babies who take goat milk for more than two feedings per day need to be on daily B complex vitamins including extra folic acid (unless the goat milk preparation is fortified with folic acid).

Dr. Eric N. Rydland, graduated from the University of Miami undergraduate and School of Medicine in 1974 and 1978 respectively and completed his pediatric training at the University of Miami Affiliated Hospitals in 1981. He is pediatric board certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. During his nearly 30 years of clinical experience Dr. Rydland has researched and studied the holistic field and alternative treatments. Integrating these holistic treatments with traditional medical care based upon the wisdom only God can give, has given thousands of patients optimal health benefits. This has been achieved through work with many published authors in the alternative field, his experience, and devine wisdom. In addition to the kidsWellness products our site features other products he uses in his clinical practice. Dr. Rydland is a frequent guest on radio and television, speaker at medical seminars and public conferences, and a published author. He is the Founder and Developer of kidsWellnessTM Incorporated (October 1999)


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