Water’s Importance in the Diet

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Can drinking water help you lose weight? A three-year study of what Americans eat and drink found that the average amount of water consumed is 50 ounces a day, short of the 64 ounces recommended.

The study found that those who drank the most water also consumed nearly 200 fewer calories per day and tended to have a healthier diet, eating more fruits and vegetables, lower-fat dairy products and few sugary beverages.

The diets of people who drank little or no water showed a high consumption of desserts, candy, salty snacks, high-fat meat and dairy products, fast food, diet soft drinks and caloric beverages.

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Editor‘s Note: Holistic practitioners recommend that their patients consume between 1/2 and one ounce of water per pound body weight daily (approximately 30-60 mL. per kg mass), with an additional 8 ounces (240 mL.) for each caffeinated or alcoholic beverage consumed. Increase the amount if you perspire from exercise or heat.

The best water to drink is either reverse osmosis or a good quality bottled water (some  practitioners recommend distilled), never tap or municipal water

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